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This site is dedicated to creating an environment where we can learn the principles that we actually need to create the internal harmony necessary to create our life exactly by design. As we master the principles by playing in the arena of life, we create the solutions we need that work for everyone. Unity is an inside job!














Are you tired of playing the old game of fear, scarcity, and separation? Have you been wondering how you fit in to the new emerging world full of abundance, purpose, passion, and self-reliance? Wouldn't it be nice if you had the tools to create fulfillment and joy within yourself so you can create harmony and bliss as a part of your community? 

I'm glad you are here because I help people with exactly this:  connecting with your true purpose and passion and developing it in a meaningful way that serves you and your community at a high level.


Welcome to the Game of Unity!

I'm Your Host, D.Mike

Creating Unity, Compassion and Change

The true story of the emerging City of EverLight

There’s been a rift in our world. Distinct sides are emerging.


At the gate to the next level of consciousness where our unity and bliss lie, there is a city. A luminous gathering of exemplary Siblings.

Here we shine bright in our radical support and respect of our differences, while celebrating our numerous similarities and shared values. This city is called EverLight.

As The Siblings of EverLight, we are aware of the game being played between the two sides. We recognize the destruction and chaos this division brings. We choose to create and play a different game.

Every day we work hard to implement the Unity Principles. This is our way to combat the division and secure unity for us all.

We take to The Arena to train where we learn, integrate, and spread the principles.

This is how we protect EverLight which continues to shine bright as a welcoming beacon to anyone who would join us.


This is how we maintain heaven on earth. We need your unique gifts to join us in our quest. The Siblings are waiting to welcome you home.

Get ready to live a new life full of adventure, connection, and purpose.

Welcome to your new life. Welcome to the Game of Unity!

You are THE ONE. 

I believe it. We all do. In fact, all of EveLlight is counting on it. Imagine…

You’re in the simulation and given the option of absolute truth or blissful ignorance. 

Simply try to ignore this message and everything goes back to normal. You wake up in your bed and think it was all a strange dream. You will go back to believing in separation and scarcity.​ You will continue competing for limited resources within society. Nothing will change.


If you decide to answer the call from EverLight, a new world awaits you. You will reunite with your powerful Siblings of EverLight; a community for humanity and seeking truth. You will become aware of the facts that allow you to see the illusion you have been born into. As you engage with your siblings more and more, your true nature and power will develop. Senses and abilities, you never knew you had will reveal themselves within you. And perfection and harmony will exist in this reality.

Welcome to EverLight. Welcome to the Game!

In this new Game of Unity, we take the essence of the EverLight and its siblings to build upon their strength. All your gifts will be called on; the training arena starts immediately.


Here, you will work closely with your inner circle, your community, as you support each other in learning and mastering the Principles of Unity. These are the skills and values to create harmony within yourself. The more harmony you create for yourself and the closer you get to your circle, the sooner you see this harmony spill out into society.

This is how we will unite all of humanity. With this method we will expand the reach of EverLight and turn our reality into the ultimate Utopia!



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If your life is anything less than a synchronistic flow of abundant experiences full of connection, love, purpose, and harmony then you are not claiming your birthright.


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Your Essential Nature