Hey, I'm D.Mike

Your personal inspiration ambassador, your coach, your shadow hunting copilot.

Hello everyone and welcome to the game!

Let me tell you a little bit about how this game came to be. 


It started when I noticed something strange. I have lived in some of the richest and some of the poorest neighborhoods in the country.

But one thing that seems to be consistent is how we treat strangers vs family.


We may cross the street to distance ourselves from someone we don’t know, but we immediately embrace those we do know. Even though the personalities and intentions may be similar. I saw how just the simple fact that we attribute negative characteristics to those we don’t know has caused so much pain due to misunderstandings.


So I thought, “What if we treated each other like family?” And a simple shift in perception started to take place.

With that in mind, I decided to start a project called the Game of Unity. In it, I documented interactions with strangers. I started posting it online and explaining my encounters. The goal is to normalize having benevolent encounters and conversations with strangers. 

Imagine if the whole world was playing the Game of Unity.

What if everyone looked for encounters as their future friends instead of strangers. Imagine the opportunities, excitement, safety, and joy such a society would bring about. And everyone is encouraged to share their gifts and intermingle talents.


As I continued to have these encounters, I realized the healing power of the internal harmony I was creating. I could see I was on to something...

I studied spiritual philosophies and self-realization techniques feverishly. I dedicated time to put them into practice and see what actually works.

I developed my own philosophy, principles, and practices. My work consisted of the tried and true practices I had studied and completed, as well as my own intuited and tested material. From this, the Unity Principles were developed.

Over the years, I've developed these techniques and monitored progress to see what works universally.  The Unity Principles is designed to create wealth, abundance, freedom, joy, and sense of purpose for us all. 

View one of my encounter stories,

Unity is Now



The task is simple, but by no means easy. We have been playing the game of separation, fear, and anxiety for far too long. Remnants of the old game have weaved themselves into every crevice of our psyche and society that you can imagine and then some. We must remain grounded and compassionate.


During this process, you will learn to:

  • Return feelings of hate with those of love.

  • When shown ugly, you will reflect back beauty. 

  • Understand the naysayers thrown your way.

  • Remain connected. 

  • Lead with curiosity and compassion rather than judgement.

  • Remember that your strength comes from your association with your siblings.

  • Be courageously open, honest, and accepting.

Welcome to EverLight. Welcome to the arena. Welcome to the Game of Unity!

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It’s time.

Meet your inner circle. Play out your destiny.We look forward to the  universe you are going to help create. 

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”