Sex And The Jungle

"It was a battle for our eroticism. And I was on the front lines."

So I was to be the first line of defense. Dozens of the world's most beautiful and talented humans gathered together in the Mexican Jungle for several months. We had the intention of coming together to create something spectacular. Something potentially life-altering. Each one of us with our own unique gifts, talents, hopes, dreams, intentions, and egos.

We would soon answer the question of if we would be able to support each other through our differences and move towards our shared goals. But the obstacles were glaring. Most of us were not used to the conditions the jungle had to offer. We were from the various cities from all over the world. Scorpions, tarantulas, and weak WiFi were not part of experiences we were used to. Living in community is already a difficult task. Add poisonous killer trees and jaguars to the mix and you've got yourself a proper potential bedlam.

And I was the life coach. So I was to be the first line of defense. It felt like a battle for our eroticism. And I was on the front lines.

Personalities clashed. Shadows were triggered. Miscommunications abound!

My lunch breaks were filled with sessions. I felt like I was constantly putting out fires. I talked to wives that could not talk to their husbands because the calls kept dropping. I heard about mold that was taking over our wardrobes and personal possessions. Almost everyone was sure there had been some mistake and they were certain they were not supposed to be there. Everyone had imposter syndrome.

GASM crew minus the CEO
Show Me Your "O" Face!

But we had a job to do and a mission to complete. Keeping everyone feeling good and cohesive was critical to our success. I got an opportunity to get first hand experience figuring out what is important to focus on to keep a group performing together optimally. I took a people first approach which was paramount to our success. I saw how the mental, physical, and spiritual health of the individuals and connections in the group were directly proportional to goal attainment and the triple bottom line.

I developed tools, processes, and games, and mindsets. Each one aimed at creating internal and interconnected harmony. Everything is based on science and experience and is directed specifically to get measurable results. I found that employing these techniques brought our group to a completely different sphere of play and cooperation.

In the end, we survived several months working and living together sequestered in the jungle. I walked away with an unforgettable experience and invaluable skills. I found out just how much I love working with groups and improving communication and cohesion.

The way businesses and individuals communicate and interact with each other is rapidly changing. Older companies are having to adapt quickly just to stay relevant and in business. I am thrilled to be able to utilize my experience and knowledge to help companies stay ahead of the curve. A few of the benefits of Adamo Project include:

  1. Cultivating a great work environment and culture where you and your employees love to go everyday

  2. Increased mood and morale for all people involved with your business

  3. Greater communication and attitude towards one another

  4. Higher quality and speed of production

  5. More money for your department or company

Businesses are about individuals. Invest in individual people and you will see the results manifest everywhere. The tools we develop to work on yourself in the workplace can be used in every area of your life. "How you do anything is how you do everything." You have to look at a person holistically. When you help a person improve their home life, their work life comes along for the ride.

Helping individuals, and so then companies, achieve this internal harmony is my favorite thing on earth. I am blessed to have the calling and gifts I came in with. Thank you for being you!

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