The First Principle! Welcome To EverLight

Indeed you are most welcome. Everlight is the place or the concept that we all hold dear. It is the first principle. It describes Unity itself and every one of us living in close harmony with it. Welcome To Everlight depicts a way for us as a society to relate to one another in a healthy way that is mutually beneficial. In Everlight we look at our fellow human being as someone we can trust with our lives.

I have this vision. It is as real to me as is anything else. It is a brief glimpse but what it suggests is gigantic.

In this vision is a woman holding her newborn baby. Something gets her attention and causes her to walk out of her house holding her baby. There is a steady stream of people walking by. The woman glances down the street and sees a commotion of some sort. She realizes she can help but she needs to act fast. In a haste, she hands her baby off to the next passerby and runs toward the action.

And that’s it. Just a tiny peek into this society. Just think what that society must be like for a mother to be so seemingly careless with her offspring like that. What must people think about one another? How do they treat each other? Compare that to how mother’s behave with their children today. There had to be some serious shift for things to be the way described in this vision.

It might sound fantastical and unattainable for such drastic changes to happen. I fully believe not only is it possible, but it’s inevitable. I look at it differently. I believe it only takes a few simple shifts. Combined with the assistance we are receiving from the onslaught of consciousness energy bombarding the planet, our current intentions and efforts can get things turned around quickly.

Evidence of this new consciousness can be seen everywhere. What was previously hidden is now being brought to light. Things that felt sticky and heavy are turning out to be fluid and light. The old is becoming new. Everything is faster and speeding up. The same energy that is assisting these changes is the same energy we are lining up with to intentionally create our realities.

This is why we can try things that we have failed at before and win this time. We can have a different outcome. We understand that we do not have to create our futures with evidence from the past. We’re coming from a different place now and frankly we are going somewhere different as well.

Everlight derives from the statement that this state of mind or concept is available to us at all times. We need but imagine it and it is ours. This is true because in fact ALL states of mind are available to us at all times. With our powerful minds we can attain any state we can imagine just by doing so.

It all comes down to choice. We get to choose our experience based on our emotion in each moment. Our reality is informed by the things that happen to us throughout our experience, but also and vastly more importantly, how we react or respond to these things.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor Frankel talks about cherishing and honoring that sacred space before our reaction where we can choose what we do next. We shape our futures by how we manage this space.

If we can use this space to transmute the initial welling up feelings and detach from the stimulus, then we can respond in a way that is going to bring about the most desirable outcome. This puts us on the path to internal harmony which eventually spills over into our society which creates Everlight.

When we do not pay attention to this space between, we react instead of respond. We react from a place where we learned how to deal with similar feeling stimuli at a very early age of life. We react as a rebelling child instead of a fully formed and informed intelligent adult. This reaction leads us along the path that gets us to a similar place we find ourselves in today. Disconnected and competing over resources.

Everlight is a concept. While I absolutely believe we can make Everlight a place and make it here and now, It is ultimately an idea to hold as the north star of our guidance system. Afterall, it isn’t about the destination, it is about the ever present journey. The intention of The Siblings of Everlight is to move ever closer to this concept. We do so by implementing the Unity Principles and having the courage, authenticity, and vulnerability to implement these principles as often as we freaking can.

Brene Brown talks about a conversation she had with her husband. She asks him if he believes people are doing the best they can in life. When he said he did believe we are doing the best we can, she responded incredulously. She said there’s no way he really believed that. He replied by saying that honestly he didn’t know if it was true or not. But he did know that it made his life better by believing that it is true.

I’ve voiced that I believe Everlight is possible and even inevitable here and now. But even if you are unsure or a flat out skeptic, I believe you can be the best version of yourself and create the best reality for you and those around you if you come from a place of believing that it is possible.

Everlight is where we come from and to where we will return. It is here now and reveals itself within the interactions between all living beings. We can access it any time we choose. It all comes down to our perspective and how we choose to react to the experiences that present themselves to us throughout our lives.

Everlight is our guide and our north star. We have but to look towards the vision. The society that teaches us to treat each other as the sacred beings that we are. Everlight refers first to the light within each of us. This is the beginning. To bring the light to the world, we cultivate, expand, and share the light that is kindled inside each of us.

When we proceed in this fashion we cannot fail. Each outcome is either a victory or a lesson towards future victories. We have it in us. It is our calling and our destiny. Imagine the unimaginable ideas we can bring to life when we superfunction together in our natural state of support and connectedness.

I’m proud of where we have been and I’m fascinated by where we are going. The more we believe, the more we are already there. This is what it takes. The path is simple, but not easy. We’ve got this! We love you. The siblings of Everlight await you! We’ll see you on the inside!

Bliss In Unity

Zoom Out!


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