The Masks We Don

"We are beginning to see that it is time for us to transcend our human limitations and come together to create something fantastic."

There is an ultimate expression. We all have it in common. At our deepest truest realizations, we are intimately interwoven with it. It is what we truly are. And since we all share it, it describes our Unity. It reminds us of not only our sovereignty, but also of our shared origin. 

This expression does not see contrast. From this perspective, everything is perfect. All that occurs is just various expressions of our one true nature. There is no good or bad, light or dark, right or wrong. There just Is. And all is perfect.

We wanted to be able to explore these realms of contrast. Viewing reality from the spirit perspective does not allow for experiencing this contrast. So we created a false perception of separation.

Now when we view our existence through this lens we can each take on different characteristics of true selves and we can compare and contrast. We can look at our whole through different masks that we create for ourselves. 

Personality comes from the Latin word personae which literally means “mask” or “character”. When we interact with one another we are literally a spirit that is putting on a mask or playing a certain character.

The objects in our surroundings are our props and the words we say make up the scripts.

We never intended for such separation to get so far out of hand. Or maybe we did and it is our plan to gain tremendous benefit from the process of getting back to our unified self. Either way there is a magnificent opportunity presented to us in this moment.

We are beginning to see that it is time for us to transcend our human limitations and come together to create something fantastic. Something impossible but real. Something utterly breathtaking.

To cross this threshold, we have to employ alchemy. The good news is we are master alchemists. The old teachings are resurfacing. The information on how to access these skills is readily available.

They are all saying something similar. We know we need to be still and go within. The answers are inside. We are connected through our heart, which is inwards. And here is where our power lies.

We are energy shifters. We can change energy from one form to another. We are doing it all the time. Everything is energy so we are the masters of our reality. We are constantly doing this with our bodies unconsciously. 

We can powerfully do it consciously as well. When we are faced with any type of energy we automatically feel it. We are acquainted with it. Once we feel it, we then have the ability to discern. We can analyze this energy and decide what we want to do with it. This is that coveted space between stimulus and response. 

The more still we can become, the better we are at resisting the urge to automatically respond to the stimulus. We gain clarity and strengthen our grasp of the space between.

When we are able to play here, we see the energy in a state of potential. It loses its bite as you are stepping back from it and not identifying with it. You are in a state of observation rather than one of action. 

Here is where our compassion is present. When we separate ourselves from the energy, we can also separate the source from the energy itself. We can view the person that said the thing as simply another conduit of the energy. They were merely expressing the energy that they had received. 

And we have that option as well. We can encounter the energy, choose to observe it or not, and send it on its way exactly as we found it. But this time it has a little bit of us on it.

We have made our unconscious impression on it whether we like it or not. Each time it comes to another one of us we add our name to the list and send it onto the next signer.

But we have the ability to consciously change it. We can observe the hate we have been presented to us. The initial feeling is to respond with hate. And if we do this we are simply passing it on. We are allowing it to propagate. 

The magik happens when we step back. When we look at the energy as it is for what it is then we can make it into whatever we want. We can tell a different story about it.

We can feel differently about it. So when we express from this new place, we are sending out something different than what we received. Boom. Transformation has occurred!

We can create ultimate bliss. When we look at everything as love or a call for love we see from a powerful perspective of unity. When the majority of time we are observing our inputs, increasing their energy, and then expressing a higher vibration, we begin to see a brighter and brighter world.

Observing the Unity Principles of focusing on Progress, Not Perfection and Being Profoundly Content With The Present Moment, we create ultimate happiness for all. 

The masks we wear are not to create judgment, but appreciation. They demonstrate cohesive cooperation, not competition. We can utilize them to understand multiple perspectives so we can come up with solutions that span many genres or thought patterns.

This is why more diverse groups experience higher levels of success. They contain an essence that is closer to the spirit essence, which contains us all and all of our expressions.