The Power Of Positive Influence

"If you want to go far..."

You are much bigger and greater than you think you are!

As soon as we are born we begin the journey of self-discovery. We hear our voice and see from our eyes. Eventually we begin to understand that we have appendages. We understand that we can move them and utilize them to contort the world around us. Our ability to influence our surroundings grows.

Even further, we begin to understand that our caretakers are also within our ability to influence. The correlation between our cries and Mom's response is becoming clear. We can manipulate them into giving us what we want if we cry. So our sphere of influence continues to grow.

Later on in life we start to develop ideas about saying or doing certain things and seeing how we can relate to other people in a way that influences them to act in a certain way that we desire. If we do this from a place of trauma it can look like manipulation and it does harm to the person we are influencing. People can be selfish and coerce people to do things that are not good for them, but it can benefit the manipulator.

When we do this from a conscious standpoint we can understand the truth that we all are actually desiring similar things. We might just have drastically different ways of getting what we want.

The truth is...

We can all have everything that we want exactly the way we want. But only if we understand the Power of Positive Influence.

There are many ways to influence your environment to get what you desire.

You can charge forward alone forcing the world to bend to your whim. But when we do this we are ignoring our greatest strength as humanity. People are here to support and serve each other.

This is what we are profoundly amazing at. We can communicate like no other species. And so we can coordinate at a level that is surpassed by none. Working together is how we create everything that is great and amazing in our world.

So how do we get people to work together on the things we are passionate about? Well, we need to know the power of positive influence.

Positive influence is not manipulative. When you positively influence someone you are encouraging them to do something that is in their best interest. This does not mean you know what is best for them better than they do. You are merely influencing them to think about things in a certain way so they can make the choice for themselves.

Influence over yourself vs Influence over others

Usually when we think of influencing, we only think in terms of influencing other people. We have many parts of our brain/body that operate in different ways and sometimes have conflicting interests. So how do we align everything up so we are one unit moving together with one common goal? We need to be grounded. When we can zoom out and see the entire picture, we can pay attention to each voice inside of us, process the information, and make a decision with an attached action. Influence over yourself is a huge part of positive influence.

Influencing Others

We have big goals. Changing the world is a galactic sized task! There is no way to do it all by yourself. Even if there were, why would we want to do that? Each person brings a unique gift to the planet. When we our gathering our tribe we want to be sure we are understanding all of the wants, needs, desires, and fears of ALL involved. Pay attention to your gut. You know when you are manipulating for your own benefit and when you are influencing for the good of the group. Stop it..

So how do we bring people on board to work on our dreams?

Ok.. this is the cool part when we see the principles working together. In my coaching sessions I spend most of the session listening. Not just any old listening to respond, but I reflect back to them what they are saying. For most, this is more than they have ever received. It's fascinating seeing the solutions and realizations that come from just this simple practice! My work is done;)

This points to the power of reflective listening. You can use listening as a superpower! It is astounding what can happen when people feel understood. Really listen. Find out what is important to them. Understand how what you are creating will positively influence their needs, wants, and desires. Be confident and excited! You should be anyway. This is your dream! And you know you are creating positivity that will benefit the world. Good for you!

Furthermore when people recognize you as someone that will actually hear them, their view of you changes. You become instantly more attractive and more charismatic. They see you as someone they want to help. They want to get on board with what you are doing and they want to put their best effort into making you happy. They see you as someone they can trust.

Listening will definitely draw people to you that want to help. But there is one characteristic that if you understand it, it will create what seems like magic in your ordinary everyday life. That happens when we understand...