The Principles Of Unity

  1. Everlight is ultimate and boundless happiness and freedom. Everlight is here!

  2. I love to play in TENSION.

  3. Listen to understand

  4. I know principles of INFLUENCE.

  5. I can figure anything in the universe out through SELF-EXAMINATION.

  6. The present is always the EFFECT of the past’s CAUSE.

  7. The only time that exists for all intents and purposes is right NOW.

  8. If I can see it in my mind, I can MANIFEST it into physical reality.

  9. The best thing I can do for anyone else is to do what’s best for ME.

  10. I can change my state at any time by REFRAMING any situation.

  11. My PERCEPTION is my choice and it dictates my reality.

  12. I, and I alone, am only responsible for my, and only my, VIBRATION.

  13. I OWE my vibration to no one.

  14. The Law Of Vibration

  15. I have everything I need within me as I AM right now.

  16. I assume everyone is doing the best they possibly can with where they are in their JOURNEY.

  17. I accept perfectly everything that makes me FEEL good. I HONOR the message in all that feels unaligned.

  18. SERENITY is the cure for discontent.

  19. I have GRATITUDE for my current situation while making progress towards my greatest potential.

  20. I follow my PASSION.

  21. What I FOCUS on expands.

  22. COOPERATION and COLLABORATION over competition.

  23. We live in an ABUNDANT and ever expanding universe. (There is no “pie”)

  24. My goal is to add massive VALUE to my life and to the lives of those around me.


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