Using Tension As A Creative Catalyst

We all know the feeling way too well. Someone says or does that thing that hits you the right, or wrong, way. You try not to react, but you can feel it welling up within you.

That conditioned response is begging you to yield to it. It isn’t even conscious, but you feel so compelled to react.

It feels like fire nagging you to succumb. It feels so wrongly enticing. Your body retracts and clinches. Sometimes when we are met with resistance we tend to hold it in our body. You know what I’m talking about. It’s “tension.”

Most of us do not know what to do with tension. When we start to get that feeling we want to get rid of it. As fast as possible we try to diffuse the tension. Tension in the room or in our bodies. It’s all the same response. Avoid it!

Yes, when we misuse or understand tension it can be very volatile and dangerous. We can quickly find ourselves reacting in an undesirable way when we give way and unconsciously allow tension to inform our decisions.

Not knowing how to deal with tension makes us go unconscious. We don’t know how to deal with it so we don’t want to feel it. We are afraid of it. More like we are afraid of ourselves and how we will react. So we don’t want it.

This is a huge mistake and a major waste of one of our most potent instruments to create and manifest.

The pressure of tension can cause us to check out. But pressure is necessary to turn coal into diamonds. It is also a key element in alchemizing darkness into light within us.

When we are met with darkness it is uncomfortable and can cause tension and pressure in our minds and bodies. Humans naturally want to get rid of this. Sometimes the easiest answer is to react.

But when we react we are replaying a habit that we learned from a much too early age. We do not honor that precious space between stimulus and response. We succumb to behaviors we taught ourselves to keep us safe as little children.

We do not analyze it with our adult minds and apply our new knowledge to the issue where we could create an action that would bring about a desired outcome. We just respond… as a little child would. And so, we create childish effects.

However, tension is not the bad guy here. Tension, like anything, is not inherently “bad”. It all depends on how you utilize and interact with it. In fact it is very useful but only when you know what to do with it.

People have a tendency to go unconscious when they begin to feel tension in their bodies. We want to do this because we are ungrounded. That’s the first thing to try to strengthen is your ability to stay grounded.

As you get better at staying grounded when we begin to feel tension, we will be able to play with that space between the stimulus and response. When we are grounded we will be able to take those strong feelings that come with the tension and ground them out and down to Gaia.

Coursing through our blood will be the activation and creation energy left from the tension. But the energy of the tension that causes us to react is no longer there. Then, from a clear space we can utilize that creation energy to bring about desired outcomes.

Being able to interact with tension in an empowered and conscious way is a big part of creating unity and playing in EverLight. As we bring together people from wildly different backgrounds and belief systems of course there will be an amount of tension.

But we will learn to view this tension as a useful gift instead of a destructive element. We will celebrate our differences and how they fit together like a puzzle to create the whole picture.

We will see that there is purpose in the fact that we all give respect to different goddesses, no matter if we are religious or not. We will weave the strings together and marvel at our wondrous quilt.