The Act Of Coming Back

So you know all of the benefits of meditating. Improved sleep, better cognition, even looking and feeling healthier and happier.


But you are discouraged from even trying because you either don't know how, or you have too much trouble calming your busy mind. 

Well this meditation has been created for you! In The Act Of Coming Back, we work with your busy mind to find the benefit. You are actually encouraged to let your mind wander as it wants to! 

In this practice, we uncover the benefit you receive from bringing your focus back to your practice after letting it wander. 

This will simplify your process. It is so easy.. all you have to do is get comfortable and listen. In this short 10 minute exercise, your brain will automatically learn the pleasure of bringing your attention back to your practice.


Once you listen a few times you will begin to be able to do it on your own. The Act Of Coming Back is like training wheels. 

Remember when you need some assistance, you can always come back here and be reminded of the bliss that comes with The Act Of Coming Back!